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My Experience

I have been a licensed Realtor for over twenty-five years.   I was with ERA in Conroe for two years, specializing in country residential properties.   I moved from there to Keller Williams in The Woodlands.   There I began working The Woodlands and surrounding areas.   I used my computer knowledge and skills to help me with my business but soon found myself spending more time training and helping others and spending less time in the listing and selling arena.   Circumstances connected me with a Super Producer.   I found myself working as an assistant (Data Systems Specialist).   This lasted two years and gave me a knowledge and awareness of the industry most agents only dream of.   I had the privilege of designing and maintaining the first real estate site on the Internet for this area and one of the first few in the US.   I then started my own business designing and maintaining web sites.   I designed mostly real estate sites for many individuals and several offices.   I have been actively involved with the Internet since shortly after its conversion to a commercial entity and actively working that end of the business, as my own company, for over nineteen years.   I also did personal and office training on Microsoft Word, ZipForms, Tempo, advanced Email using Microsoft Outlook, Brochure Creation and basic computer operation.

My Qualifications

  • Over twenty-five years as a Realtor.
  • Have all the computer equipment needed to get the job done.
  • Designed many web sites and modified lots of others.
  • Subscribe to several publications and news letters designed to enhance your web presence on the various Internet search engines.
  • Have owned personal computers since 1978.
  • Over five years as a dBASE programmer while in the Navy.
  • Taught computer programming for three years while in the Navy.
  • Worked with virtual reality (flight & tactics simulators) while in the Navy.
  • Had my own business in Maine, after retiring from the Navy, for two years, computerizing small businesses.

Rudie Dreyer
The Woodlands & Conroe Areas, Texas